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Writing Classes

Participate in my 10-week, online classes devoted to cultivating your voice, style and writing in an intimate workshop setting


what a journaling and writing habit from 1984-present looks like. 

Writing Classes

Are you stepping into the world of writing for the first time and looking for someone to gently hold your hand? Do you have a manuscript you’ve worked on for years that you’d like a professional eye on? Whatever the case, I love working with and nurturing writers.


Beginning Journaling Classes

10 weeks ongoing classes on Zoom. Classes are 2 hours long with two 10-15 minute writing periods. Intriguing writing prompts to get you thinking and writing about your life and your journey. Some forays into fiction. Classes cap at 10 students. $500


Wading Deeper

10 weeks ongoing classes on Zoom. Classes are 2 hours long. This is a workshop class for folks who are working on a manuscript . You will workshop 10-15 pages twice in this class. You will get feedback from me and from other writers in the class. Class caps at 8 students. $1000


Novel Midwifing and Coaching

I provide detailed editing and feedback on novels, short stories and non-fiction projects in all stages of completion. We work chapter by chapter and have a phone or zoom call to discuss. $100 an hour.

Please email for schedule and availability

Student Testimonials​

“I have wanted to write for a long time. With no formal training and years since being in school I had trouble starting. The opportunity to take Nayomi’s writing class couldn’t have come at a better time. It was an incredible experience. She guided our group of early writers to go within, discover our voices and allow them to land on the page. She is amazing at supporting and encouraging new writers and she cultivated a freedom in me that allows to engage with writing frequently now. This class was truly a gift and I treasured that time learning from her and my fellow writers. I can’t recommend it enough.” 


- Brooke White, Therapist


“Taking this writing class with Nayomi has been life changing. There was so much fear inside me that kept me from exploring my thoughts and expressing myself. Nayomi is a wonderful guide and teacher who will help you to break through mental barriers and make you see yourself in a whole new light. She is amazing at creating a space that is safe, welcoming and healing.Thank you Nayomi for everything you do.” 


- Mihiri Weerasinghe, Businesswoman


"Joining Nayomi Munaweera's writing class was an unexpected gift, a window into the world of a writer's mind, and the realization that observation is the essence of writing, something available to all of us." 


- Meredith Linsky, Attorney

“Nayomi Munaweera’s “Wading Deeper” writing class included novelists whose work I knew and loved (including Nayomi) and writers struggling to just begin their work, as well as some of us in the middle. Nayomi took us all seriously, treated us as colleagues. She assumed we were all after the best stories we had in us and facilitated our process and products toward that end. She encouraged everyone to learn how to critique others as well as how to be critical of our own work, lovingly. She modeled and encouraged in us clear editing, clear and powerful language, and joy in reading and writing.”


- Norma Smith, Oakland Writer and Community Scholar-Educator

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