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I'd be happy to meet with your book club in the Bay area, or Skype to other locations. 

Book Club Questions For What Lies Between Us


1. Did you suspect who really was abusing the main character?  What are the clues? What did you think of Samson? Do you think her mother may have suffered a similar transgression? Why did Ganga assume it was Samson all along? Why was she unable to remember the true abuser?


2. What is the book saying about the restorative powers of love. Why was Daniel's loyalty and love not able to save Ganga? Do you think he should have acted differently? What do you think he could have done to prevent what happened?


3. Childhood sexual abuse affects untold numbers of people all over the world. What is the book saying about the lifelong toll of trauma? About the weight of secrets untold upon a life? 


4. Ganga's crime is one that is more common than you would think. She is also extremely regretful of her crime. Do you think she should be forgiven? Is this a crime that can be forgiven?

Book Club Questions For Island of a Thousand Mirrors


1. In this book, Munaweera takes on the point of views of both a Sinhala woman and a Tamil woman. Why do you think she made this decision?


2. This is a book partly about the process of immigration? Do you think it successfully captured the pleasures and pains of immigration?


3. Visaka and Ravan’s love is thwarted but their children go on to fall in love. What does the book seem to be saying about destiny, the acts/sins of parents, the nature of love?


4. Saraswathie grows up with aspirations of becoming a teacher. Do you think what happens to her subsequently is plausible? Do you think that the book effectively describes the process by which a normal girl might become a suicide bomber?

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